Video resources for the UK’s largest supporter of social entrepreneurs



UnLtd is the leading provider of support to social entrepreneurs in the UK and offers the largest such network in the world. UnLtd resources hundreds of individuals each year through its core Awards programme.

UnLtd operates a unique model by investing directly in individuals and offering a complete package of resources; from awards of funding to ongoing advice, networking and practical support.

Luminous Media have brought the work of UnLtd in Wales to life. They have made me feel very proud of the work we do. They clearly understood our requirements, and responded to feedback on time and extremely professionally.

Jane Ryall

Wales Manager, UnLtd

The problem

How do you encourage more people in Wales to take the step to become social entrepreneurs? How do you link these people with the support they need (training and financial) to help them succeed? How do you ensure that a UK wide charity with an international network also speaks with a Welsh accent?

Our solution

To encourage social entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their ventures we made three videos about social entrepreneurs in Wales supported by UnLtd. It was important to show the variety of social business ventures they have helped and the Wales wide scope of their work. Our approach was to create three main videos plus sets of shorter videos targeted at specific audiences for social media use. UnLtd now have videos telling the stories of people they have supported in Wales.

Social Media videos

What we did

Each video needed to capture a sense of place, the story of people, and the social impact that each entrepreneur has made. We filmed on location in Flintshire (North Wales), Newport, and Neath. The three videos allowed the social entrepreneurs to tell their stories in their own words, and showed them at work in social care, music workshops, and hair and beauty treatment settings.

The videos were structured around interviewing each participant about their journey, what motivated them, and what they wanted to achieve. We felt it was important to add additional voices – from the people impacted, helped, and trained by them. The theme of how UnLtd backed their work and invested in them both financially and by providing mentoring and training comes out strongly. Each video was branded and used key quotes on the screen. Finally, we asked additional interview questions aimed at reaching different audiences (e.g. partners and funders) so that an further six shorter clips would be available for social media use.