Sight Cymru

Creating a new logo for an all Wales sight loss charity.

Sight Cymru

Logo design, branding

Sight Cymru is an all Wales charity supporting those with sight loss. The charity was established in 1865 and was previously known as Gwent Association for the Blind and Sight Support.

The charity has 20 staff, a Headquarters and Resource Centre in Pontypool, and works across South Wales providing rehabilitation, counselling, training, and other services.

Sight loss inevitably makes visual work a challenge, but you rose to it. Thank you so much. The talent that you guys have is phenomenal.

Sharon Beckett

CEO Sight Cymru

A challenging design brief

We were commissioned by the leadership team and trustees of Sight Cymru to design a new logo and to refresh their branding. The previous logo was a simple design featuring an eyebrow and eye.

The new logo needed to work for the visually impaired as well as those with healthy eyesight. Simplicity would be a necessity, and not just a virtue.

A further challenge to our design team was the restriction of colours – whatever variants we produced, the logo was best suited to the use of yellow and black for those with visual impairment. The verbal aspect of the branding also needed a simple font and larger type.

The brief was to design a logo that was simple and effective, and one that communicated the values of the charity.

Consultation, research, and initial design

After the initial consultation phase, and with a clear brief, we entered into a research phase. Sight loss charities and organisations often use similar imagery, and we wanted to produce a logo and branding elements that would stand out. Our design team produced three different logos and placed them in different situations.

It was clear from our understanding of Sight Cymru that befriending and drawing alongside those with sight loss lay at the heart of their ethos and day to day work. Visually we felt that a compelling and appropriate way to communicate that would be to show a heart shaped pupil connected to the rest of the eye.

Brand elements

We designed and printed new banners, email signatures, business cards, leaflets, letterheads, social media graphics, and a new design for the quarterly newsletter.

Feedback and decision making

We presented the different logos to the senior management team and they in turn showed them to the staff and trustees. The choice was clear. The response that the work received is best expressed in the words of CEO Sharon Beckett, “The staff, volunteers, trustees, and most importantly the service users at Sight Cymru want to let you know how pleased we are with our new logo and branding. We had complete consensus on the new logo.”