Sight Cymru

creating empathy about sight loss through video for an all Wales charity

Sight Cymru


Sight Cymru is an all Wales charity supporting those with sight loss. The charity was established in 1865 and was previously known as Gwent Association for the Blind and Sight Support.

The charity has 20 staff, a Headquarters and Resource Centre in Pontypool, and works across South Wales providing rehabilitation, counselling, training, and other services.

Sight loss inevitably makes visual work a challenge, but you rose to it. Thank you so much. The talent that you guys have is phenomenal.

Sharon Beckett

CEO Sight Cymru

The problem

Sight Cymru wanted to increase the awareness of their identity and services as they felt that not enough people knew who they were. They recognised that other sight loss charities were better known and it was often assumed that their staff came from another charity or the local authority.

Our solution

Having designed a new logo and branding for them we then created a video where three service users talked about their experience of sight loss and how the charity had helped them in practical ways. Instead of the video describing the services they offer with a voice over, three people living with sight loss spoke about the support and friendship that they had been given.

What we did

We filmed three interviews with people about their experience of sight loss. Each interview drew out the personal, emotional, and social impact of sight loss. We wanted viewers to grasp something of how deeply this had affected each person – and of how they would cope in these circumstances. Each interview was carried out in the home of the person living with sight loss. The interviews then moved to the ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘what’ of the support offered by Sight Cymru.

As well as a main video we created four bite size versions used on Twitter, along with statistics and graphics. The videos and graphics were used during National Eye Health Week in September 2017.

The Result

As a result of seeing the video Sight Cymru was invited to contribute to an ITV Wales News story about the importance of looking after your eyesight. Dr Bablin Molik from the Sight Cymru team was interviewed by ITV Wales News at the School of Optometry and Vision Sciences in Cardiff, increasing the exposure of the charity. The videos gave the charity a clear voice about their work, and the graphics continued the visual identity provided by the new branding.