Purple Shoots

Telling the story of a not for profit organisation tackling unemployment and economic problems

Purple Shoots


Purple Shoots is a not-for-profit microfinance organisation, set up to tackle unemployment and economic problems. Purple Shoots offers small loans at fair rates to those who are unable to obtain support from elsewhere and develops business ideas and business skills to help people set up and grow their own small businesses.

The charity also sets us self-reliant groups in local communities to build skills, grow confidence, and develop business ideas.

It was a real pleasure to work with Luminous Media and the results are stunning. They took the trouble to understand Purple Shoots fully which meant that they asked the right questions in the interviews to draw out all the points which I wanted the video to make. They managed to pull a very diverse collection of comments from different people into a cohesive and engaging video which tells the story in a very moving way. The quality of the production has been universally admired. I’m having another one done shortly!

Karen Davies

CEO Purple Shoots

Background and brief

We were approached by Purple Shoots to tell the story of how their ethical approach to lending little loans to grow business ideas, and their self-reliant groups are making an impact in local communities. We met with CEO Karen Davies to get a clear handle on the ethos and identity of Purple Shoots and to arrive at clarity on the message, tone, setting, and purpose of the video.

Our approach

After taking a brief we focused on the interviews with individuals that made up the two self-reliant groups that we were due to film in Ystrad Rhondda and Swansea. We wanted to ensure that the benefit and impact made by the groups came across clearly. We needed to blend these voices with a clear explanation of why Purple Shoots exists and what it does.


The end result is a video that showcases the value and impact that self-reliant groups are having at a local level. From group members themselves the story of told of how their confidence is being built, skills developed, ideas shared, and how their resilience and well-being has been nurtured.

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