Creating eLearning video resources for the UK’s biggest charity for parents


Video, Illustration

NCT (National Childbirth Trust) is the UK’s leading charity for parents. Established in 1956 the charity has helped millions of women and parents for the first 1000 days, right through from pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

The charity is supported by thousands of volunteers across the UK, supporting them through courses, events, groups, and through campaigning.

“We worked with Luminous to film materials for NCT’s volunteer eLearning courses. The team was efficient and professional, and full of good ideas and good humour. They really helped us through the whole process and we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Robert Wormington

Volunteer Support Officer – Learning

The problem

How do you train thousands of volunteers spread across the UK, in a consistent way, and at the same time ensure that the charity’s key messages are delivered in a clear and compelling way? We were chosen by NCT’s Volunteering Team to produce a series of training videos for their volunteers across the UK.

Our solution

Whilst delivering a final product of high quality is critically important, the process of working from concept to finished work, and how you work with a charity client, is equally important. For NCT it was our approach to working with people as well as our track record of producing videos of a high standard that mattered. Specifically, it was our attention to detail in working with inexperienced (from a filming stand point) staff and volunteers before the filming days, and how we worked with them on the days, that made a clear difference.

What we did

As this project to produce several eLearning videos was stretched over an eight-month period we held regular consultations and meetings with key NCT staff to discuss each batch of videos, and to give creative input to bring their scripts and ideas to life.

 The videos required not only intensive filming days, in multiple locations, but also preparatory phone calls and coaching with participants, and the commissioning of appropriate illustrations arounds the sections of direct to camera footage.

Each video was carefully scripted and filmed against a backdrop. In consultation with NCT volunteers and staff were chosen to give clear diversity to show how the charity engages with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. To best deliver the material we used multiple camera angles and a teleprompter, and as well as direct to camera footage we also utilised illustrations to convey the dialogue sections of the script.

At each stage of the process we were in close communication with NCT staff, ensuring clear agreement on the process, production, and review of each video. As indicated in the testimonials, the videos are a key part element in NCT’s brand refresh and in equipping and engaging with their volunteer base.