Media Training for Charities

We were recently invited to run a media training day for senior staff at Gofal, the mental health and wellbeing charity.

Gofal provides a wide range of services to people with mental health problems, supporting their independence, recovery, health and wellbeing. They also lobby to improve mental health policy, practice and legislation, as well as campaigning to increase public understanding of mental health and wellbeing. You can find out more about their work here

Media training for TV and radio interviews

We run media training workshops for 8-10 people per day (maximum). The training is for TV & radio interviews, and includes filming two interviews with each delegate, with the interviews being played back and constructive feedback given.

The sessions are very hands on and intensive, but done in a safe, encouraging, and positive setting. The training content looks at answering questions, delivering key messages, and how to appear on camera (body language, posture etc.). We go through the ‘how’ (or theory) part in detail and then get delegates in front of the camera.

Lights, Camera, Action

Once we have delivered the theory of how to give a good interview on camera, and looked at some examples (good, bad, and ugly) we recreated the setting for a media appearance. All of the delegates had to prepare interview answers. We filmed each interview and gave feedback on how they did.


Here’s what they said:

“The Luminous media training was brilliant, Martin was a great trainer and made everyone feel comfortable and the staff who took part feel that it has given them a lot more confidence to do media interviews.”

Beth Mahoney, Marketing and Communications Manager, Gofal

Our approach to training

Our media training combines theory and practice and is bespoke to each organisation that we work with.

Rather than pull materials down from the shelf we work with each organisation’s Comms team to tailor the content for the day. This includes preparing case studies and scenarios and sourcing comparable interview footage.

We will always meet with the Comms officer/training organiser in advance to plan the day.

Planning your workshop

If you would like to discuss how our training workshops can help enhance the communications strategy and maximise opportunities for your charity or organisation you can fill out this contact form, email us at or call us on 01633 746444

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