Helping Dads Can take a leap forward

2016 is a Leap Year. At Luminous Media we decided to use that one extra day to do something special by giving away our services, for free, for one day.

Supporting community groups

As a company we are committed to supporting local community groups and charities in line with our growth as a business.

As we are a media agency, we wanted to put our design and public relations experience, knowledge, and skills, at the disposal of a cause in Torfaen, Monmouthshire, or Newport, who would then be able to take a leap forward in getting their name out there.

Choosing a good cause for 2016

After making an appeal through our website and social media for entries, we have chosen Dads Can to work with. Dads Can support dads aged 14-25 with positive parenting, personal development, training, and employability. We will be working with them to redevelop their branding to help them appeal to more young dads.

Dominic Pembridge, Project Co-ordinator at Dads Can, said:

“We are so pleased to receive this generous support from Luminous Media – it will help us to reach those people who can benefit from our support and with that it can really make a positive difference to many families.

We think the idea of donating a free day for community and voluntary groups is brilliant and more companies should follow suit! A big thank you again guys!”

Luminous Media Director Martin Downes commented:

“At the very foundation of our business plan lies a desire to work for good causes. As our turnover increases it enables us to give away a portion of our time and services, for free, to help community groups and small charities.

In February we put out an offer to help a local good cause in Monmouthshire, Torfaen, or Newport. Dads Can put their case forward and we are delighted to be able to help them. Dads Can are doing vital work and we hope that our input will help them to appeal to more men and dads.”

We would also like to thank Hazel Hannant for doing a free photo shoot of the Dads Can and Luminous Media teams.


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