Help your group to leap forward

Monday 29th February not only marks the Leap Year but it is also traditionally the day when women can make marriage proposals to men.

That got us thinking. We have decided to make a proposal of our own.

There is one extra day in 2016, so…

One Day For Free

We are giving away our services for free, for one day in 2016, to help a small local charity or community group in Newport or Torfaen to leap forward. We want to help a group that is doing good work but which lacks the resources to invest in properly promoting themselves.

We will put together a promotional video of an event, professionally edit it, and add animated graphics, all free of charge. If you haven’t got an event to run we could shoot a video that will help you to promote your charity or community group.

We will also write a press release for you to help you shout about what your charity or community group is doing.

Your video can be shot any time in 2016.

How to enter

Entries close on Wednesday 9th March.

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