Social Media is PR for the masses

The advent of social media has turned us all into individual PR experts, crafting our personal stories, and controlling our online image – but at what cost?

Does marketing talk need a refresh?

Marketing relies on creativity, but it is surprising just how stale marketing language has – why do creative agencies all sound the same? Isn’t it time for a refresh?

Talent isn’t always recognised

The Washington Post experiment with violinist Joshua Bell that shows that even world class talent gets overlooked – can you recognise talent when you see it?

Teach me how to play golf

Even at the height of his powers, golfer Jack Nicklaus had the humility to re-learn the basics from his mentor every year – key lessons for leaders who want to stay on top of their game.

PR Campaign #ChocVote

Read about how our General Election #ChocVote trended on Twitter, and how the PR stunt got 100 members of the public eating chocolate and voting for the #EdMilibar and #ToryToffeeBar