Media Training for Charities

We were recently invited to run a media training day for senior staff at Gofal, the mental health and wellbeing charity.

Finding the Plot

Online video is in demand. Facebook has been increasingly pushing the use of video within users’ news feeds.

Valentine’s Day Giveaway Winner

Last month saw our giveaway offer. To celebrate Valentine’s Day we made a special offer of a free promotional video for a charity based between Bristol and Cardiff.

Specialists in charity marketing and PR

We help charities with their PR, branding, and marketing. We understand the third sector and can make a difference with branding, design, video, campaigns, and media training.

Writing: Pure and Simple

Lessons from a senior editor to a junior writer in how to write pure and simple – it’s not just about technical skills, it is also about attitude, focus, and humility.

Every business needs an axeman.

Social Media is PR for the masses We show no mercy to pointless phrases, empty clichés, bland statements, and aimless waffle. To us they are the usual suspects. We hate every single one of them. Bad copywriting is giving your business hassle. Problems, problems, that...

Video and social media marketing trends

The use of video continues to grow, making it a key part of any marketing and PR strategy. Here are some important stats on video, and pointers on using it to grow your business.