Finding the Plot

Finding the Plot

Finding the Plot
Online video is in demand. Facebook has been increasingly pushing the use of video within users’ news feeds. Ally that with the fact that people skim read on the internet and it soon becomes clear that if you want to engage with your online audience you need to use video.

4 Pivotal Questions for promotional videos

If you are planning to use video there are some big issues to think through. A good place to start is with four pivotal questions. These questions are so foundational I want to raise them before we get to the substance of this post:

1.       Who is your audience?

2.       What is your message?

3.       What do you want them to feel?

4.       What do you want them to do?

Whether you are trying to attract the right customers, raise funds, recruit new talent, or educate, you need to think yourself clear on why you want a video and what it is intended to achieve.

The deep levels of storytelling

Once you have clarified the audience, purpose, and message of your video you should hold back from doing the obvious – creating a sales pitch (Lights! Camera! Sales pitch!).

If you are creating a promotional video, you need to pause to consider some intrinsic elements of human nature and behaviour. If you want to move people the best way to do it is by crafting a compelling, watchable, story.

Finding the plot

What story do you want to tell?

It is a fact that, once you remove the outward trappings, storytellers keep telling the same kinds of tales over and over again.

In 2004, Christopher Booker wrote a large volume entitled The Seven Basic Plots, which he had worked on for 34 years. He wrote out of a conviction that every story was a retelling of one of seven fundamental storylines:

1.       Overcoming the monster

2.       Rags to riches

3.       The Quest

4.       Voyage and return

5.       Comedy

6.       Tragedy

7.       Rebirth

It’s pretty easy to recognise the telling and retelling of all of these basic plots in familiar books and films. Ancient to modern, and across all cultures, the same seven basic plots appear.

Don’t lose the plot

If you bypass this deeply buried desire to tell stories from the kind of video that you are looking to create you are more than missing an opportunity. You will create something that is stripped of appeal – and something that will fail to move people to action.

Listening to your story

One of the things that we work hard on at Luminous Media is listening. We need to understand our clients. We want to dig deep into the character and personality of your organisation or business to be able to tell your story.

If we are constructing a video we get beneath the surface and draw out the valuable emotional, storied, elements of your people, history, and message.

We are ready to start a conversation with you and to find the right plot to communicate your message.

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Finding the Plot

Online video is in demand. Facebook has been increasingly pushing the use of video within users’ news feeds.

Luminous Media makes the start-ups list

Luminous Media makes the start-ups list

Luminous Media makes the start-ups to watch in 2017 list
Wales Online and the Western Mail recently ran a feature on the 35 Welsh start-ups to watch in 2017. Much to our surprise Luminous Media came in at No. 21 on the list.

The line-up was composed of “companies pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation” who pay “testimony to the extraordinary capacity for innovation that can be seen in towns, cities and countryside across our land.”

The start-up scene in Wales is vibrant, and it is a real honour for us to have our work recognised in this way. However, the stuff that makes our hearts swell with pride is when we get to work on projects like the one below…

New logo for an all Wales charity

In other news we are delighted to see the new logo and branding for Sight Cymru being rolled out. We began the branding project in January with the Investigation and Research phases. The brief from Sight Cymru was to produce a simple design suitable for those with vision impairment as well as the healthy sighted, and with a preference for using black and yellow to assist those with sight problems.

As well as the new logo we designed several new branding elements including new banners, email signatures, business cards, leaflets, letterheads, social media graphics, and a new design for the quarterly newsletter.

We settled on three designs, and there was a clear preference among the senior management, trustees, and staff for the heart shaped pupil connected to the rest of the eye. By meeting several times with Sight Cymru we could see that loving those with sight loss really lay at the heart of who they are and what they do.

Sight Cymru CEO Sharon Beckett commented that, “Sight loss inevitably makes visual work a challenge, but you rose to it. Thank you so much. The talent that you guys have is phenomenal.”

Sharon added, “The staff, volunteers, trustees, and most importantly the service users at Sight Cymru want to let you know how pleased we are with our new logo and branding. We had complete consensus on the new logo.”

You can read our case study for this project here


With our video service increasingly in demand we recently filmed BizNet, the longest running business networking group in Wales. As well as filming at a lunch event we interviewed the director, Kaye Harris-John, and several members about how BizNet has helped them to grow their businesses.

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