Media Training Day with Carers Trust Wales

Media Training Day with Carers Trust Wales

Media Training Day with Carers Trust Wales

We were recently invited to run a media training day for the Young Adult Carer Council of Carers Trust Wales.

Over four sessions we trained them in public speaking and interview techniques for TV.

There are an estimated 30 000 carers under the age of 25 in Wales. Carers Trust Wales are doing a great job in supporting and advocating for carers.

Bespoke media training

The 12 strong Young Adult Carer Council often receive requests for radio and TV interviews, so we were brought in to help them prepare for that.

We looked at:

  • How to speak in public (so that people will listen)
  • How to give an interview on TV (theory and practice)

Lights, Camera, Action…

All of the delegates had to prepare interview answers. We filmed each interview and gave feedback on how this did.

For us, one of the most heartening aspects of the day was the honesty, integrity, and authenticity of the interviews. They were incredibly moving. We were glad that the environment on the day was conducive to that.

We were also joined on the day by Bethan Jenkins AM who shared her experiences. Bethan is the Assembly Member for South Wales West, Chair of the Assembly’s Culture, Welsh Language, and Communications committee, and features regularly on TV and Radio.


Education Officer, Elizabeth Taylor, from Carers Trust wales said:

Martin, from Luminous Media, has been incredibly supportive with our training for our Young Adult Carer Council. He tailored the media training specifically for our young people, who found him engaging and interesting. We would certainly use his services in the future.

Here’s what the delegates said:

I learned so many things about how to do interviews that I didn’t realise I didn’t know.

I liked watching myself back as it helped me to learn, I would like to thank Martin and his tech man for their time.

I found it interesting watching the videos, cheers Mart.

To find out more about our media training full or half day events drop us a line on 01633 746444 or email us at

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Business cards that win business

Business cards that win business

Business cards that win business

Do your business cards help you to win business? Do they help you to get sales?

You would think that, in a digital age, business cards would now be obsolete. Why is it that when most of our business is done online that they still matter?

Small as they are, business cards are not just there to pass on your contact details. They have three important functions to help you succeed in business.

If you ignore these three functions you will hinder your efforts to win business.

1. Reputation

That little card is integral to making an impression – it is bound up with your personal presence, and the impression that you are making when you meet someone.

After you have gone it stands as a reminder of your professional image.

Think about:

  • The design
  • The feel

There are lots of template designs available online. Avoid them. Make sure that your cards are consistent with your branding. If you are a start-up and cash flow is an issue then find the quickest route to funding good branded materials.

Think about the texture, paper, thickness, and print quality, and whether you are going to have them matt, gloss, velvet, or have spot UV lamination to enhance the feel of the cards. All of these processes will add costs to your printing, but they will also help to enhance your credibility.

2. Information

What should you put on a business card?

Other than the essential contact details that you want to use, and your job title, you should also have a statement or list about what you do. This can be a simple list of services.

3. Recollection

After you have gone, your card remains with the prospective customer or business connection.

If the card is of poor quality, will it help them to choose your services or products?

If you have given your card at a networking meeting, but it doesn’t have a list of what you do on it, will anyone be able to recommend you?

P.S. Don’t forget to think about registering and using your own domain name for your email address. There is nothing worse than @gmail, @hotmail, @yahoo etc. email address.

To discuss design options and get a quote on business cards email

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Finding the Plot

Online video is in demand. Facebook has been increasingly pushing the use of video within users’ news feeds.