Why blog? How blogging can help your business

Why blog? How blogging can help your business

Why blog? How blogging can help your business

Why blog? Will it make a difference?

Before we get started on the benefits of blogging for business we need to be clear on one thing. Let’s call it the “Golden Rule”. I will condense it down into seven simple words:

Make sure that you engage the reader

Here’s what Bill Bernbach, one of the great pioneers of modern advertising, had to say on the matter:

“The truth isn’t the truth until people believe you, and they can’t believe you if they don’t know what you’re saying, and they can’t know what you’re saying if they don’t listen to you, and they won’t listen to you if you’re not interesting, and you won’t be interesting unless you say things imaginatively, originally, freshly.”

Blogging for business only works if you have something to say, and you say to people who are listening. You have to know how to engage with readers, not just type words onto a screen.

Having a well written blog is one thing, but will it make a difference? Just how exactly will blogging help your business?

Three key benefits of blogging that will help your business

1. It helps direct traffic to your website

Well written blogs with good content will engage readers. However, adding blogs to your website shows that you website is active.

As this superb article at HubSpot puts it:

“Every time you write a blog post, it’s one more indexed page on your website, which means it is one more opportunity for you to show up in search engines and drive traffic to you website in organic search.”

What’s the best way to get the traffic to your site? Blogs need promoting, and social media is the ideal way to do that. Create content that will inform and engage, and as people start sharing it the traffic will come to your site.

2. It helps convert visitors into leads

Once a visitor arrives at your site via your blog you need to know what to do with them. You must have a clear “Call to Action”.

Once the blog is read what do you want them to do? Sign up for a newsletter? Download a brochure? Do you have an offer for your readers? How will you follow that up?

3. It helps to showcase your expertise

Regular blog posting is a great way of demonstrating your credentials, and making your readers familiar with your knowledge and expertise. This point is well made in the following example:

“Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert Cialdini showed that physiotherapists are more successful at persuading patients to comply with exercise programs if they display their medical diploma on an office or consultation room wall than if they don’t. Other research has shown that simply adding trivial charts to advertisements or brain images to scientific papers can make them more believable and persuasive than they otherwise would be.”

One way to ensure that you have regular engaging blog posts is to use a professional blog writer with years of experience.

And for that you can call us on 01633 746444 or email hello@luminous.media

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Finding the Plot

Online video is in demand. Facebook has been increasingly pushing the use of video within users’ news feeds.

Helping Dads Can take a leap forward

Helping Dads Can take a leap forward

Helping Dads Can take a leap forward

2016 is a Leap Year. At Luminous Media we decided to use that one extra day to do something special by giving away our services, for free, for one day.

Supporting community groups

As a company we are committed to supporting local community groups and charities in line with our growth as a business.

As we are a media agency, we wanted to put our design and public relations experience, knowledge, and skills, at the disposal of a cause in Torfaen, Monmouthshire, or Newport, who would then be able to take a leap forward in getting their name out there.

Choosing a good cause for 2016

After making an appeal through our website and social media for entries, we have chosen Dads Can to work with. Dads Can support dads aged 14-25 with positive parenting, personal development, training, and employability. We will be working with them to redevelop their branding to help them appeal to more young dads.

Dominic Pembridge, Project Co-ordinator at Dads Can, said:

“We are so pleased to receive this generous support from Luminous Media – it will help us to reach those people who can benefit from our support and with that it can really make a positive difference to many families.

We think the idea of donating a free day for community and voluntary groups is brilliant and more companies should follow suit! A big thank you again guys!”

Luminous Media Director Martin Downes commented:

“At the very foundation of our business plan lies a desire to work for good causes. As our turnover increases it enables us to give away a portion of our time and services, for free, to help community groups and small charities.

In February we put out an offer to help a local good cause in Monmouthshire, Torfaen, or Newport. Dads Can put their case forward and we are delighted to be able to help them. Dads Can are doing vital work and we hope that our input will help them to appeal to more men and dads.”

We would also like to thank Hazel Hannant for doing a free photo shoot of the Dads Can and Luminous Media teams.


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Making a noise about Silence Racing

Making a noise about Silence Racing

Making a noise about Silence Racing

Luminous Media are very proud to be one of the 2016 race season sponsors for Silence Racing. We’ve been making a noise about Silence Racing. Here’s the story:

Schoolboy dreams of being the first deaf F1 driver

Caleb McDuff like many boys loves cars.

Unlike many boys he is racing karts all over the UK.

And unlike any of the boys he competes with he is deaf.

Caleb’s long term dream is to become the first deaf Formula One driver.

Take a look at the ITV Wales news coverage of his story

Caleb’s story so far

After a series of ear infections as a toddler, Caleb McDuff, now aged eight, was left profoundly deaf. The schoolboy from South Wales had major surgery four years ago to fit cochlear implants. He wears sound processors day to day, but when he races he is unable to wear these. That means that he can’t hear the sound of his own engine, or the other karts, and has to rely on all of his other senses to help him compete.

Not short of fans, he has over 11 000 followers on his Facebook page Silence Racing – Caleb McDuff. Caleb has won admirers from all over the world, and his story has featured in local, and national press, as well as on TV. He regularly competes in the MSA Bambino Karting Championship.

In his first racing season in 2014 Caleb was awarded the accolade of being the ‘Most Improved Driver’, and was nominated by the public for the Deaf Sports Personality of the Year 2014 (Young Player of the Year). In his second season he made significant gains and finished on the podium twice.

Following in the tire tracks of Lewis Hamilton

The 2016 MSA Bambino Kart Racing Championship enters its third round in May. Junior racers compete on the same tracks that produced Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, and David Coulthard. Caleb is raring to go once more and will be competing in Scotland in the next round.

Our involvement – Making a noise about Silence Racing

In 2016 we have become involved with Silence Racing in two main ways.

1. Talking to businesses

Being a media agency we are connected to businesses of all shapes and sizes. As a result some of our clients have become season sponsors for Silence Racing.

2. Talking to the public and businesses (through the media)

We have put together press releases for the media like the following one that appeared at Wales Online.

We have also supplied press releases for sponsors to enable them to make a noise for Silence Racing too.

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